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The 7 golden rules when using a dealroom (+1 bonus)

Using a dealroom is a complete game changer. But to make it effective, best practices must be followed. Here are the 7 golden rules you absolutely need to know.

Rule #1: When should you invite your prospects to your dealroom?

As soon as your prospects want to get down to business with you, after your initial discussions. With our customers, this happens around R2 or R3 (after the discovery or demo).

This is the ideal time to move on from a simple interest to a clear purchasing project, by getting into "project management" mode: what actions need to be taken? who should be included in the discussion? what is the timetable? etc.

⚠️ Don't share your dealroom too early. Your prospects must first express an interest in your solution.

💡 Clarify when in your process (at what stage of the pipe in your CRM?) you share the dealroom with your prospects and document it. It will ease your team's life!

Rule #2: How do you invite your prospects into your dealroom?

The best time is when you clarify the next steps with your prospects.

As a screen-share, present them with your action plan and involve them in its co-construction: what's the process at home? who should be involved on their side? when?
This is the time to test your prospects and adopt an expert posture: explain how you have guided other customers through their buyers' journey. Show them that they can access all the necessary documentation and follow the progress of discussions.
When the outline of the buyers' journey is clear, simply invite your prospects into your dealroom (by clicking on "Share").

That's what it means to be more professional than your competitors! #trusted advisor

❓ Why should your prospects join the dealroom? Because 77% of B2B customers find their purchases too complex (Gartner). Simplifying their decision-making is the best way to make them your allies.

Rule #3: Invite your prospects into your dealroom during the appointment (not afterwards)

Invite your prospects "live" to your dealroom. The fresher it is in their minds, the better.
It only takes a few seconds with the "Share" button.

💡 Wait until your prospects have joined the space before ending the meeting.

😱 Your dealroom isn't ready? No problem! Thanks to the templates, create an immediately operational dealroom in 10 seconds flat.

Rule #4: Always start and end your meetings with an action plan

Staying aligned with your prospects on the action plan is the key to keeping them 100% committed and ensuring that your deal doesn't get out of hand.

Our routine at Katalyz?

🟢 At the start of each appointment, I share my screen with the action plan: I remind my prospects where we are in the process and we validate the agenda together (a few bullet points in a task are enough).
As a result, I start exactly where I left off and project a very professional image.

🔴 At the end of each meeting, I re-share my screen with the action plan: I validate the next actions, the people responsible and the deadlines. Everyone leaves with clear actions to carry out.
Result: I refine the mapping of my deal and anticipate for the "blockers".

💡 Your timeline automatically updates in front of your prospects. Wow effect guaranteed!

Rule #5: Equip your champion between 2 appointments

When it comes to buying, your prospects only spend 5% of their time with you. 95% of the time, they're moving forward without you!

How can you maintain impact during the 95% when you're not with them?

Rather than sending a long, ineffective e-mail in which information and attachments get lost (we've all done some archaeology in our mailboxes!), take a few minutes to update your dealroom.

In the relevant action (of your action plan):

  • Make a quick CR of your RDV
  • Share the presentations, videos and articles you discussed
  • Assign participants to the next actions

💡 Imagine how much more impactful you make your champion during his internal meetings. He finally has a space that allows him to be effective in front of the decision-maker!

Rule #6: How do I react if my prospect replies to me by e-mail (and not in the dealroom directly)?

This can happen when you're not used to dealrooms.
Simply reply from your dealroom: "Thanks for your feedback John, I'm replying directly in our space to facilitate follow-up: ..."

In this way, you historicize exchanges and everyone can easily come back to them in 2, 4, 6 months' time.

Rule #7: Should you mention "Katalyz" during your deal?

All that matters in your deal is you and your prospects.
You don't need to mention Katalyz because we're a white label company. Your dealrooms come in your colors and with your logo.

Just tell them that you're providing them with a turnkey space where they can access all the documentation they need and track the progress of their discussions.

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