Never miss your sales targets by building
sales cycles

Better engage your prospects and align your internal stakeholders through a collaborative digital dealroom. Close faster in a world where remote business has become the new standard. 

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Empower your prospects to drive engagement

Make your prospects the drivers of your negotiation by collaborating with them through a simple and intuitive dealroom. Your prospects are naturally more engaged and you can focus on what's important: providing value.

Collaborative roadmap
Automatic due dates reminders
Mutual action plan
Katalyz - roadmap and mutual action plan

Align every stakeholder to accelerate the process

Involve each stakeholder only when required, with the right level of information. Put an end to endless email loops, which create confusion and slow down discussions. 

Dealroom's participants management
Customized notifications
Tasks assignment and follow-up

Build a trusting environment with your prospect

Give insights to your prospects at each stage of the negotiation and share information to create a climate of trust, while preserving confidential information. Your prospects become the driving force behind the negotiation. 

Shared resources
Smart permissions system
Negotiation progress tracking
Katalyz - sharing internal and external ressources

Don't leave anything to chance

Implement consistent sales methods, based on custom-made templates. Make sure every negotiation is on track to achieve your results, regardless of who is in charge.

Personalized templates
Library of templates designed by sales experts
Follow-up of all ongoing deals

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