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Build a sustainable business world based on mutual success.

Why should business necessarily be based on asymmetric information, opacity and lock-up terms? Why do most people think negotiation is a process ending up with a winner and a loser?

It has long been proven that a lack of collaboration between two parties will eventually end up in a sub-optimal solution. This is basic game theory. Yet many companies continue to prioritize short-term gains over their counterparts, as they did 30 years ago. And many sales execs still believe deep-down that the best sales reps are somewhat close to lone wolves, focusing on quarterly results no matter how this affects revenue in the long term.

But the world has changed and B2B buyers expectations are rapidly evolving, as they did a few years ago in B2C. People now have access to information, compare solutions and rely on reviews. They ask for autonomy, clarity and want to remain commitment-free. In short, they do not want sellers anymore, they want long-term equal partners. At Katalyz, we believe transparency and collaboration should be at the heart of B2B relationships to build a sustainable world. And since any B2B relationship starts with a buyer’s journey, we are on a mission to transform the way B2B sales are done, empowering companies to build mutually beneficial, transparent and lasting relationships through collaborative solutions.

We are a cosmopolitan and passionate team, deeply convinced that real success comes from radical collaboration between empowered people eager to learn. Sounds good? Join us!

The Katalyz team.

Our values

Everything we do is based on these three values.

Sustainable success comes from mutual alignment and requires transparency.
Everyone is truly empowered to drive measurable results.
Understand, experiment, build and share your knowledge to elevate people around you.

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