Let's make B2B buying a new experience

We reinvent the way B2B deals are closed by restoring alignment and trust in a world where remote business has become the new standard.

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Modern B2B selling presents strong challenges

  • Trust is key, but more difficult to create in a digital environment
  • Compliance and legal obligations have increased
  • Decision processes are becoming more and more complex

77% of B2B buyers

rate their last purchase as extremely complex or difficult

60% of B2B deals

end up in a black hole

This happens because

  • Prospects misunderstand the solution's benefits
  • Prospects lack a clear view on the deal's timeline and next steps
  • Sales reps suffer from inertia in getting the required approvals
  • Sales reps fail in accessing the economic buyer

Remote business is becoming the new standard

  • B2B business is going through the same revolution as B2C 15 years ago
  • Covid-19 has sped up the switch towards remote sales processes
  • Remote is here to stay, especially with environmental concerns

80% of B2B interactions

will occur in digital channels by 2025